2023 Best Places To Play European Roulette Online

Best Places To Play European Roulette Online

Canadian gamblers who are feeling particularly bold have long relished the chance to take a chance on the European wheel. It’s possible to win substantial sums of money when playing European Roulette. When you combine a little house edge with excellent odds and a reasonable possibility of winning, the excitement level skyrockets. While there are plenty of options for playing European Roulette online, we suggest checking out one of the casinos we recommend.



Our team of expert reviewers is comprised of roulette lovers who have tried every type of online roulette available. They have put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that you get reliable information about online casinos, including their validity, payout times, banking methods, player safety, and more. In 2023, Jackpot City will be the best place to play European roulette online.


Reasons to play European Roulette in an online casino


The simplest card game to pick up and play, period.

Roulette with a lower house edge

Popular to the point that it may be found in virtually any Canadian casino

To Begin With, The Essentials

Canadian roulette players have held a unique affection for European Roulette for decades. You won’t ever have to spend effort understanding complex methods. All you need is a fundamental knowledge of the game and a little bit of patience. You’ll be all set to go in next to no time.


In European Roulette, played at virtual casinos, the numbers 1 through 36 are arranged in a 36-by-1 grid. A wheel with numbered compartments appears and spins. If you’re playing European Roulette, you should know that the number grid does not represent the wheel. Betting on the first dozen means putting money on the first twelve digits of the winning number. These digits do not co-occur on the roulette wheel. Instead, they are dispersed uniformly across the wheel’s surface.


The sequence of the digits may seem arbitrary to you. However, the numbers on the European Roulette wheel at aon online casino are placed in such a way as to intentionally confuse players. Keep in mind that the layout of the wheel is regulated by this rule: the black and red number slots must switch places. When playing European Roulette online, you can adjust the difficulty to suit your preferences. The regulations are nearly identical to those of other roulette games. Turn the wheel and wager on which slot you think the ball will land in.


When you combine European Roulette’s fantastic odds, low house edge, and increased potential of taking real money home, the excitement never wanes.

Positive Variation

The sole difference between American Roulette and European Roulette is the wheel. Only one “0” slot is present on the European version of the wheel, while the American version has two (“0” and “00”) in separate spaces. The numerals on the European wheel are set up differently than the American wheel due to the presence of an extra zero.


This single zero has a beneficial impact on the game for the players. You have a far greater chance of winning (2.7% instead of 5.2%) when playing European Roulette online. Gamblers flock to the game despite a house edge of 5.27% in the American version. If you stake $100 in European Roulette and lose $2.70, you may expect to lose $5.27 if you play American Roulette.


Best Bets with Excellent Odds

In European Roulette, winning bets are paid out according on the probability of a number coming up. The amount won is multiplied by the initial wager to determine the payout. The table configuration is similar to that of other versions of roulette, as previously mentioned. The bets you place are straightforward: either on the winning number, the winning color, or the winning odd/even status. According to the layout of the numbers, inside and outside bets can be distinguished.


European Roulette inside bets at an online casino include the straight bet, in which money is wagered on a single digit. Real money straight bets have payout odds of 35 to 1. Split bets allow you to wager on two neighboring numbers and receive 17-to-1 odds. An 11-to-1 payout is possible on a “street bet” when three consecutive numbers are gambled on. If you place a bet on four adjacent numbers that form a square, you will receive an 8-to-1 payment. Line bets include wagers on six numbers, two rows of three in each.


Larger sets of numbers are referred to as “outside bets” when betting on them. Red, black, even, and odd numbers are all options for wagering. The odds on both of these wagers are 2-to-1. Dozen Bets offer a payout of 2-to-1 and have predetermined groupings of 12 numbers (1-12, 13-24, and 25-36) that are presented to the player. Playing European Roulette for real money can be fairly lucrative if you are willing to take a chance.


How to Get Started

Experts in the game of roulette propose coming into the game with a clear plan of action. A single spin of the roulette wheel has no bearing on the results of subsequent spins. It’s fair to say that the game operates on its own.


Practice Your Skills Free of Charge

To ease into the game, novices should begin with free play. When playing for free, you can’t win any actual money, but you also can’t lose any, either. Once you have a firm grasp of the game and the various forms of betting, you will be able to determine your optimal strategy. Free play can serve as a trial run, from which you can learn important lessons.


Keep track of Your Money

Make sure you know the fundamentals of managing your money before you start. In the long run, this keeps your money secure. Establish a betting budget, and stop playing when your betting budget is gone. Bets can be made more rationally and with less risk of losing more real money than the player can afford to lose if the player first determines their bankroll.


Potential Wagers

Bets on zero should be avoided at all costs. Bets on “red” or “black,” “odds” or “even,” or “high” or “low” on the outside betting layout are simple and good for beginners. While betting on a single number can result in large payouts, the odds of winning are astronomically low. Taking full advantage of the board and betting space can help you reduce your exposure to loss.


Remember the one most important piece of guidance: You should treat European Roulette like a game and have fun with it. If you’re not having fun, it’s probably advisable to wait a little before placing another wager.


Our Final Thoughts on European Roulette

As a Closing Remark

European roulette is, as we’ve established, simple to pick up and play. The game may be played for free at several Canadian online casinos. Our review team has compiled a list of the best Canadian online casinos, all of which are operated by reputable companies with a history of satisfied customers.


When it comes to checking out online casinos, our evaluators have a long and detailed checklist. To begin with, these gambling establishments must hold a current gaming license issued by a government authorized gaming authority. There are two benefits to us because of this circumstance. Since getting a license has stringent requirements, we can first ensure that we meet all of them. Second, it guarantees that the casino’s administration will sanction the release of inside information.


Online gambling establishments should also have a perfect track record of treating their customers fairly. The casino’s current clientele should be pleased enough to spread the word. However, when it comes to new casinos, we try to find out what they have to offer that other online casinos don’t. Since we’re here to help Canadians like you, we make sure you can utilize Canadian dollars to fund your casino account. Online casino software, customer service, and special offers for regulars also play significant roles.


Sign up at any of these reputable online casinos today to get the most out of your Canadian dollar!



What is the procedure for a round of European Roulette?

Bets may be placed quickly and easily in this game. There are 37 numbered compartments on the roulette wheel, ranging from 1 to 36. Black, red, and green are the colors of the pockets. Bets are made by placing chips on the grid and clicking the “Spin” button. When your current betting round concludes, you’ll have the option to either place another bet (by clicking “Rebet”) or leave the table for good (by clicking “Clear Bets”).

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