Critique of the Wizard of Oz Slot Machine

How to Play the Wizard of Oz Slot Machine

You’ve arrived at the beginning of the Yellow Brick Road. Williams Interactive (WMS) has created a fantastic Wizard of Oz slot in which you may join Glinda the Good Witch and the rest of the group. This five-reel slot machine, adapted on the popular movie, has fantastic playability owing to its many bonus round interactive elements.

Get comfortable, because you’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. The MobileCasinoParty Wizard of Oz slot review will provide you a comprehensive understanding of the game’s features as well as a head start with the top free spins bonuses available at online casinos.

Structure of the Game

The game’s concept is straightforward and effective as a whole. The user interface is a little different, with two panels from which players may select. The standard lines and wager amount may be found in the traditional panel, while the entire bet cost is shown in descending order of lowest to highest through a single button in the rapid bet panel.

The visuals are typical of an online slot game created more than a decade ago. Nonetheless, WMS has done an excellent job of recreating the film in this video game.

Among the numerous characters and stuff you’ll recognize from the film are the emblems for:


the Wizard of Oz’s “wild” logo

Embedded (scattered) in Emerald City

A.K.A. Dorothy Gale

Oz’s Three Wise Men: Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion

Blazing red soles

Westerners’ Wicked Ways

A basket for Toto

Helium-filled balloon



Both the main game and the extra features have fantastic animations. The film’s sequences and a hovering Glinda are also welcome additions to this superbly conceived slot.

Slot Machine Music and Sounds

The reels spin to soothing harmonies, and winning combinations are signaled by bells and chimes.

No soft music plays in the background.

A pink bubble will float across the screen accompanied by soothing music every so often. Glinda, the Good Witch, instructs players to make a wish by tapping their heels together inside the bubble. All of the movie’s memorable songs and lines are here, and they’re all in just the right spots in the game.

Features That Set It Apart

In addition to wilds and a jackpot symbol, the Wizard of Oz slot machine has a plethora of features and bonus rounds:

Disney’s “Glinda, the Good Witch”

Oz’s Favorite Things

Monkey with wings design

To the Emerald City we go!

A Selection From Oz

Money, the Road to Emerald City, and the Winged Monkey may all be unlocked by using the Oz select option.

In this bonus round, players can choose one of three symbols to reveal their payout if they land three dispersed feature symbols on reels one, three, and five.

If you’re not playing the maximum number of paylines, this feature might give you a payout of anywhere from five to twenty-five times your wager. On the other hand, the maximum payline payoff ranges from 5x to 10x your original wager.

Emerald City: The Long and Winding Road

In the bonus round known as “Emerald City,” players must pick emeralds from a grid. These emeralds may be cashed in for cash, traded for virtual land or even used to gain access to the Emerald City. A player’s destination is determined by the land they select (if any).

Cornfield with scarecrows

Garden of the Tin Man’s Apples

Lion being cowardly in the woods

Bad witch’s mansion

A gold charm may be chosen in each of these regions to reveal either the region’s character or the sign for returning to the yellow brick road. If this icon appears, players will get to choose emeralds one more for a chance at twice their original wager.

Once a player finds the Emerald City symbol during emerald mining, they are teleported to the city’s entrance. If the player has no remaining characters, they will have to settle for a gold charm as their last prize. Glinda, the Good Witch, is one such charm who can randomly bestow a character onto the player and then direct them to the wizard.

The wizard randomly selects a prize for each participant when he or she yells out their character’s name.

Features of a Winged Monkey

The ounce pick selection tool is used to activate this function. It gives the player eight free spins during which the winged monkey wild on reel three releases a flock of winged monkeys that fly over the screen, replacing regular symbols with wilds.

In this bonus round, the reels change to a darker theme.

The flying monkeys’ symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5 can retrigger the bonus round.

Cast of Good Witch Glinda

The Good Witch Glinda will float by at any time throughout the Wizard of Oz slot game and transform a random number of reels into expanding wilds.

These wilds may replace any icon except than the bonus and jackpot ones.

Views on the Wizard of Oz Slot Machine

The Wizard of Oz slot machine by WMS is entertaining even if you have never seen the movie. This is because there is so much to enjoy in the game. There’s a ton of content, including four additional features, a wild symbol, a progressive jackpot, and free games.

The Wizard of Oz film is well-made overall, and the game’s many interesting features contribute to this impression. While the slot’s cutscenes and animations are undeniably charming, the lack of background music is noticeable at times.

For those who only play the finest in virtual casino entertainment, this is an absolute must.

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