The 2023 Top Pai Gow Poker Rooms

The popularity of the online casino game Pai Gow poker, which has its roots in the Far East, is on the rise in Canada. The game is available at a wide variety of online casinos, and our reviewers have compiled a list of the top options for Canadian punters. You can get the most of your Pai Gow experience because to its combination of sharp, rapid action, and reliable banking and security.

Any of the casinos we recommend will provide you with:


Online casinos that are both reputable and widely used

Wide variety of game-specific bonuses

Everything from a mobile site to specialized apps

Pai Gow poker, like many other online betting games, is easy to pick up, and we’ve compiled a selection of free options to get you started. Our evaluations and advice will have you playing for real money in no time.



The Rules of Pai Gow Poker

Originally played with dominoes in Asia, the game of Pai Gow has since been adapted for use with playing cards and enjoys widespread popularity.


Up to six players and the dealer are each dealt a seven-card hand in online casino games of Pai Gow poker using a standard 52-card deck plus a joker. The object of playing Pai Gow poker for real money is to use your seven cards to make two poker hands that are superior to the ‘banker’s’ hands.


The banker can be the casino dealer, but it can also be another player in a game of Pai Gow Poker for real money. A game consists of two hands, one with five cards and the other with two. Poker Hand Rankings for Actual Cash The rules of Pai Gow poker are quite similar to those of standard poker, with the exception that a hand of five aces is the highest possible hand.


Money hand consisting of five cards If you’re playing Pai Gow Poker, your five-card hand must be higher than the two-card hand, and both of your hands must be higher than the dealer’s equivalent hands (his five-card hand must be lower than yours, and your two-card hand must be lower than his).

Playable Pai Gow Poker Variants in Virtual Casinos


The joker in a game of Pai Gow poker functions as an ace when dealt with only two cards, but it may also be utilized to make a straight or full house when played with five cards. Though jokers are typically considered ‘wild’ only in four-card hands, a two-card hand may be considered ‘wild’ in some online Pai Gow poker casinos.


Pai Gow poker Mania, which features two side bets, is only one example of the many variations offered by several online gambling sites. But if you play Pai Gow poker for real money at one of the sites we recommended, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the classic version of this casino favorite.

How to be successful at Pai Gow poker online


As with other poker games, the house edge in Pai Gow poker is the modest commission, or “rake,” taken from winning hands. With this setup, an online casino can guarantee a payout of 1:1 should a player have two hands that are better than the dealer’s.


This should serve as a general strategy for winning at Pai Gow poker, but what do you do if your two hands are identical, or if one is better and the other is worse, than the dealer’s? Cold, hard cash When both you and the dealer have the same five-card hand, the dealer wins; when you have a stronger five-card hand but a worse two-card hand (or vice versa), it is considered a “push,” and your stake is returned.


Given the aforementioned ‘copy’ rule in Pai Gow poker, it is always optimal to take on the role of banker when it is your turn. If you don’t have enough money to cover all bets (i.e., to pay out everyone if they all beat you), then you can’t take advantage of this opportunity while playing.


After reading this, you may feel confident enough to head over to one of our suggested online betting sites and start playing right away if you play Pai Gow poker.

Answers to Your Questions About Pai Gow Poker


Where can I find a table for Pai Gow Poker?

Pai Gow Poker can be found in nearly every virtual gambling establishment. It’s not an online casino’s favorite game because it has a lot of pushes and a low house edge, but it’s in high demand from players on the web, therefore practically all of them provide it.


The game has risen to prominence as a top table game due to its reputation for being accessible to newcomers but challenging to master. Because the game’s designer never filed for a patent on it, no fees are required for other casinos to offer it to their customers.


Just how likely is that?

Pai Gow Poker has the best online casino odds, hovering around 50%. The probabilities of the various outcomes are broken down as follows, with accompanying percentages:


Tie – 41%

Two out of three hands are won by the player (29%).

Thirty percent of the time, the dealer will win both hands.

Since a push occurs when both the player and the dealer win one hand, it is fair to disregard ties when calculating the game’s odds. The house edge is only 1.5%, making it somewhat higher than blackjack but lower than European roulette.


How widely played is the game on the web?

Not only do gamers from Canada, but others from all over the world, enjoy the game online. With its origins in the Asian tile game of Pai Gow, it’s no surprise that Chinese gamblers love playing the game online, despite the fact that gambling is technically forbidden in the country.


Canadians who want to learn the basics of poker hands would do well to start with Pai Gow. That’s because it gives gamers the rush of playing for real money without the necessity of facing off against other players or the possibility of instantaneous, catastrophic loss.

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